I immensely enjoy traveling to faraway places like Peru and India, whether on vacation or on a missions trip—where I teach the word of God; serve in whatever capacity I am needed; and UPLIFT with hope, healing and love.

I love to ENCOURAGE through writing—devotions, articles, books, marketing material, social media posts and poetry—through teaching God’s word on the mission field; and through ministry such as inner healing retreats, small group leadership and prayer.

I’m honored to INSPIRE with messages and warnings from God, revealed through His word and by listening to Him, as I fulfill my calling as a watchman.

So, I listen. I write. I share.

All three of the areas above intrigue me and can lead me on a wild chase, practically anytime. They are passions. I read once that if you are not doing it, it’s not a passion.

Now, if you care to know about all of that educational, college and work jazz, you can read on …

Thinking of making ‘good money,’ I majored in Computer Systems Engineering at Howard University in Washington, D.C., and later in Computer Science for a Master’s degree at the University of Virginia. However. Passion before occupation. After about eight years of working in telecommunications for AT&T, Motorola and BellSouth, I quit my ‘good paying’ engineering job and embarked upon a journey of the barely-making-it freelance writer. But, I was happy!

From May 19, 1995, to June 14, 2010, I freelanced as a professional writer and editor (with occasional odd jobs to subsidize my income), providing writing and editing services for multiple arenas, including magazines, websites, newsletters, marketing, advertising and corporate communications. During that time, I had the privilege to serve as Editor in Chief of several publications, including Style Magazine of Northern Atlanta and Southwest Atlanta Magazine. I also served as Editor at Large for Liberia, Life & Travel Magazine of Liberia, West Africa. I enjoyed writing personality profiles and about history, inspiration, travel and international humanitarian activities for magazines and, well, anyone who would hire me.

Eventually, the game of chasing practically every penny owed to me grew quite tiring; so, I joyfully went back to work for corporate America in 2010. I worked in the advertising industry for seven years, still doing the same as I was as a freelancer: proofreading, editing and writing. Currently I am a freelancer doing the same but open to something new!

I have written blogs for a past advertising industry employer and online devotionals for StreamingFaith.com. Also, I have published many articles in local and national magazines, including in-depth personality profiles on Ambassador Andrew Young, Bernice King and many others. My first book, Intimate Moments A 40-Day Journey in the Psalms, is finished. If my heart’s desire is granted, it is only the beginning … Selah.

I’m honored by your visit, and I pray that in some way you are uplifted, encouraged or inspired.

Grace & peace,