I’m Vanessa.

My purpose is to uplift, encourage and inspire you.

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I love to encourage through teaching and writing — devotions, articles, blogs, books, marketing material, social media posts, poetry and more. For writing samples, take a look at my portfolio. And don’t forget to check out the book page, featuring my devotional book, “Intimate Moments: A 40-Day Journey in the Psalms.”

I’m honored to inspire as a watchman through messages, revelations, and dreams on my blog.

I immensely enjoy traveling to faraway places like Peru and India — where I teach, serve in whatever capacity I am needed; and uplift with hope, healing and love.

So, I listen. I write. I share.

Grace & peace,


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“To  uplift  the soul,  encourage  the spirit and  inspire  the heart … this is why I write.”

  • JUDGMENT - ... Nothing escapes God ... time has come for judgment ... hold fast you who follow His voice ...
  • What Can We Learn From Abigail? - ... May God do so, and more also, to the enemies of David, if I leave one male of all who belong to him by morning light ...
  • CONTROL - Is my dream about Americans being controlled by foreign soldiers with guns prophetic?
  • A Ladder, a Sword and a Challenge - If I gave you a real sword, would you store it 'safely' away, or would you be curious enough to actually learn how to use it?
  • Listen: Even in Your Dreams … There’s Power in the Name - "... it is one of the ways God communicates with us. Likewise, the enemy can attempt to do the same ..."
  • Great, fierce cloud of white, gray, light blue and dark blue hues, with lightning. What Can We Learn From Ezekiel? - "When the creatures stopped, they lowered their wings ..."
  • Listen: A Lion, A Girl & Oppression - " ... all the people looked disheveled and/or sad, oppressed. So, I walked in and asked what happened to the place. No one gave me an answer ..."
  • GIDEON – Man  of Valor - "OK, you brought me through the obstacles to get here, but now that the show is about to go down, will you be with me then, too?" 
  • Just Listen - "Some don’t even try to know Me. They think it’s too difficult because they are watching others."
  • Bright blue butterflies glowing in the dark First Dust Then Life  - "... I’m at the bottom of the well with no rope, and no one can hear me. I feel awful and I’m mad at God. Thanks for asking. Bye.”

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“While listening to the heartbeat of my spirit … to the tune of creativity … I write the rhythm I hear.”

Intimate Moments Available Now

Intimate Moments is an humble rendition of God’s message of love and His call to intimacy — to you.  The devotions within explore God’s attributes, His sovereign control and benefits from a relationship with Him. Words are wrapped in an atmosphere of adoration for God, and the book gives you encouragement for life’s challenges, small and great. Dive in for a unique, creative and engaging devotional experience! Order Now.


Abba’s Promise

My devotional “Order My Steps and Guide My Socks!” appears in the anthology Abba’s Promise – 33 Stories of God’s Promise to Provide by CrossRiver Media. This devotional collection was included in the prestigious God’s Glory Box. You can order Abba’s Promise here.

Queen's crown in bright red, blue, purple and green

How to Attract the King

Every lady wants to be attractive. And who wouldn’t want to grab the attention of a king? They have power—the kind that can change your life, significantly. Discover how you can attract a king from a lady who not only attracted a king, but who changed the course of history. Coming soon!
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I’ve enjoyed writing and editing personality profiles, in-depth features, inspirational devotions, historical and travel articles, social media and marketing content, and more for many years.

In short, I write stories or refine stories others write. Many of my articles have been published in local and national magazines, as well as for website devotionals and blogs. Further details are featured on my LinkedIn profile, and writing samples are featured on my portfolio.


“The profile Vanessa wrote on me for Southwest Atlanta Magazine was the best profile to date ever written on my life.” —Andrew Young, United States Ambassador to the United Nations

Insightful writer with a flair for personalization without losing objectivity—a rare skill, indeed. Vanessa writes with superb attention to detail and yet manages to remain colorful and fact-based at all times.
” —Dianne Bernez, Global Head of Philanthropy at North Highland

“Vanessa Burke consistently provides top quality editing and proofreading whenever I work with her at Grizzard Communications, Inc. Also a very well-rounded, experienced writer, she grasps new concepts easily. I have been most impressed with Vanessa’s work and highly recommend her.”  —Deb Carson, Location-Independent Creative Consultant

“Vanessa is an outstanding copy editor/proofreader. She is very detail-minded and dependable. Her ability to manage projects of all sizes and complexity make her indispensable.” —George Medland, Traffic Manager at Nucleus Central


 Abba’s Promise: 33 Stories of God’s Promise to Provide (Anthology)

J. Walter Thompson Atlanta Blog

CrossPoint Ministries Blog

StreamingFaith.com Daily Devotionals

Atlanta Journal Constitution

Gospel Today

Prism Magazine

Atlanta Woman Magazine

Southwest Atlanta Magazine

Style Magazine – Northern Atlanta Gracious Living

Liberia Travel & Life Magazine

New Birth Voice Magazine

And more


  • Original Writing – Services begin at $45 per hour. Flat rates are available, based on project details.
  • Editing/Proofreading – Services begin at $30 per hour. Flat rates are available for large projects.
  • Book Editing – Services begin at $400 for books of 100 pages or more.
  • Service Fee Procedure – 50% of fees are due upon project commencement and 50% upon completion.



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