“To  uplift  the soul,  encourage  the spirit and  inspire  the heart … this is why I write.”

  • JUDGMENT - ... Nothing escapes God ... time has come for judgment ... hold fast you who follow His voice ...
  • What Can We Learn From Abigail? - ... May God do so, and more also, to the enemies of David, if I leave one male of all who belong to him by morning light ...
  • CONTROL - Is my dream about Americans being controlled by foreign soldiers with guns prophetic?
  • A Ladder, a Sword and a Challenge - If I gave you a real sword, would you store it 'safely' away, or would you be curious enough to actually learn how to use it?
  • Listen: Even in Your Dreams … There’s Power in the Name - "... it is one of the ways God communicates with us. Likewise, the enemy can attempt to do the same ..."
  • Great, fierce cloud of white, gray, light blue and dark blue hues, with lightning. What Can We Learn From Ezekiel? - "When the creatures stopped, they lowered their wings ..."
  • Listen: A Lion, A Girl & Oppression - " ... all the people looked disheveled and/or sad, oppressed. So, I walked in and asked what happened to the place. No one gave me an answer ..."
  • GIDEON – Man  of Valor - "OK, you brought me through the obstacles to get here, but now that the show is about to go down, will you be with me then, too?" 
  • Just Listen - "Some don’t even try to know Me. They think it’s too difficult because they are watching others."
  • Bright blue butterflies glowing in the dark First Dust Then Life  - "... I’m at the bottom of the well with no rope, and no one can hear me. I feel awful and I’m mad at God. Thanks for asking. Bye.”