“While listening to the heartbeat of my spirit … to the tune of creativity … I write the rhythm I hear.”

Intimate Moments Available Now

Intimate Moments is an humble rendition of God’s message of love and His call to intimacy — to you.  The devotions within explore God’s attributes, His sovereign control and benefits from a relationship with Him. Words are wrapped in an atmosphere of adoration for God, and the book gives you encouragement for life’s challenges, small and great. Dive in for a unique, creative and engaging devotional experience! Order Now.


Abba’s Promise

My devotional “Order My Steps and Guide My Socks!” appears in the anthology Abba’s Promise – 33 Stories of God’s Promise to Provide by CrossRiver Media. This devotional collection was included in the prestigious God’s Glory Box. You can order Abba’s Promise here.

Queen's crown in bright red, blue, purple and green

How to Attract the King

Every lady wants to be attractive. And who wouldn’t want to grab the attention of a king? They have power—the kind that can change your life, significantly. Discover how you can attract a king from a lady who not only attracted a king, but who changed the course of history. Coming soon!