What Can We Learn From Abigail?

… May God do so, and more also, to the enemies of David, if I leave one male of all who belong to him by morning light …

I recently had an assignment from one of my church house party groups (most churches call them “small groups”) to find a woman in the Bible and find out what we can learn from her. After praying, I chose Abigail. I was excited to dive in, having always loved her story and thought her name was beautiful.


In I Samuel 25 we find Abigail’s story.

“Now there was a man in Maon whose business was in Carmel, and the man was very rich. He had three thousand sheep and a thousand goats. And he was shearing his sheep in Carmel. The name of the man was Nabal, and the name of his wife Abigail. And she was a woman of good understanding and beautiful appearance; but the man was harsh and evil in his doings …” (I Sam 25:2-3)

The Altercation

David and his men had been running from King Saul’s army, as Saul sought to kill David. Saul knew that the prophet Samuel had anointed David to be the next king and had discovered that “the Lord was with him [David], but had departed from Saul” (I Samuel 18:12). Saul became angry and jealous of David and began a concentrated hunt to find and kill him. But God continually protected David. Finally, after Saul’s death, David’s army could stop running.

They found themselves resting where Nabal’s men were sheering his sheep. No doubt, at this point, David and his men were exhausted.

David asked Nabal to grant provisions—food and drink, refreshments—for his men, sighting the fact that his men had dealt respectfully with Nabal’s workers. Nabal refused, disrespectfully at that, and David’s fuse was lit.

Now David had said, “Surely in vain I have protected all that this fellow has in the wilderness, so that nothing was missed of all that belongs to him. And he has repaid me evil for good. May God do so, and more also, to the enemies of David, if I leave one male of all who belong to him by morning light.” I Sam 25:21-22

Abigail in Action

When Abigail discovered that she and all her household were in danger, she did not hesitate to act.

Her words and actions proved that she was quite thoughtful, a prayer warrior and an encourager.

Abigail cleverly managed the household servants and men who worked for her husband to prepare provisions for David. This was leadership.

She went to great lengths to protect her family and servants.

Risking her life, she made haste to come before David as he was literally on his way to avenge himself and his men by killing all of the men of her household.

Abigail’s Advantage

The traits Abigail displayed are typical of the average woman of strength—but she had a great advantage:

Abigail was reverent and fearful of God.

A stalwart, godly and humble example of a woman, Abigail is one from whom we can learn much. We can apply the characteristics she displayed with our families and in our relationships, which will serve us well.

Abigail’s Character Revealed

Abigail was generous – She prepared a tremendous gift: “Then Abigail made haste and took two hundred loaves of bread, two skins of wine, five sheep already dressed, five seahs of roasted grain, one hundred clusters of raisins, and two hundred cakes of figs, and loaded them on donkeys. And she said to her servants, “Go on before me; see, I am coming after you.” But she did not tell her husband Nabal. (Verses 18-19)

Abigail was humble – She bowed to David: “ … fell on her face before David” and apologized for coming to David in this manner: “Please forgive the trespass of your maidservant.” (Verses 23, 28)

Abigail was sacrificialShe took the blamefor her husband: “On me let this iniquity be!” (Verse 24)

Abigail was truthful She spoke the truth to David about her husband’s character: “Let not my lord regard this scoundrel Nabal … folly is with him!” (Verse 25)

Abigail was clever – She protected him from bloodshed: “ … since the Lord has held you back from coming to bloodshed and avenging yourself with your own hand.” (Verses 26)

Abigail was boldShe declared favor over him and offered the provisions he had sought: “Let your enemies and those who seek harm for my lord be as Nabal. And now this present which your maidservant has brought to my lord, let it be given to the young men who follow my lord.” (Verse 26-27)

Abigail was godlyShe blessed him and prayed for him: “ … For the Lord will certainly make for my lord an enduring house, because my lord fights the battles of the Lord, and evil is not found in you throughout your days. Yet a man has risen to pursue you and seek your life, but the life of my lord shall be bound in the bundle of the living with the Lord your God; and the lives of your enemies He shall sling out, as from the pocket of a sling. And it shall come to pass, when the Lord has done for my lord according to all the good that He has spoken concerning you, and has appointed you ruler over Israel, that this will be no grief to you, nor offense of heart to my lord, either that you have shed blood without cause, or that my lord has avenged himself …” (Verses 28-31)

Abigail was wise She sought goodwill for herself and thereby her household: “ … But when the Lord has dealt well with my lord, then remember your maidservant.” (Verse 31)

Abigail’s Blessing

For having such character traits, Abigail was blessed tremendously. David took her advice and realized it was a blessing from God. After hearing that her husband died, this is what he did:

“ … And David sent and proposed to Abigail, to take her as his wife … Then she arose, bowed her face to the earth, and said, ‘Here is your maidservant, a servant to wash the feet of the servants of my lord.’  So Abigail rose in haste …” (Verses 39, 41-42)

True to character, Abigail did not hesitate to respond, followed David’s messengers and became the wife of a king.


To Ponder: What are your thoughts on Abigail’s character or the events of her story? I want to learn from you, too.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash


Is my dream about Americans being controlled by foreign soldiers with guns prophetic?

In the beginning of 2015, I had an unforgettable dream that has appeared in my thoughts of late. Just as He did with Daniel in the Bible, God does reveal, warn, encourage and speak to us through dreams. About a year ago, I began blogging about my dreams. As a watchman, I knew they were symbolic messages from God that I felt compelled to share.

I feel now is the time to share this particular dream and its possible interpretations, corporately, personally and spiritually.

The Dream

I was in America—but not the America we know today. Our country had been taken over by another, and we were under their military rule. I. Do. Not. Know. Which. Country. But I distinctly remember the soldiers were Asian, without a doubt.

Appearance wise, most of the soldiers were tall and thin with jet black hair and the typical Asian skin color, but darker rather than lighter. All wore uniforms, which were the usual military camouflage green. And they all had huge guns strapped around their bodies.

Anyone who wanted to go anywhere outside their home had to get permission from one of these soldiers. They were everywhere, seemingly.

In the dream, a female friend of mine and I needed to go somewhere. We approached a soldier. After a brief conversation about where we were going, he granted us permission.

Our mode of transportation was totally different. Imagine one of those log rides at an amusement park, like a wooden canoe sliding down a water slide, with seating for two or four, one behind another. Well, our ‘vehicles’ were shaped like those logs, but instead of wood, then were made of iron, low to the ground with seating for two. When we got in, electronically, a dome closed in around us and locked us in. I believe the soldier pushed a button, and we took off. The vehicles traveled on tracks, much like trains do today. But they were exceedingly fast.

An Interpretation

Is my dream about Americans being controlled by foreign soldiers with guns prophetic? I hope not. I’d love to believe it is a symbolic message of how we ought to pray so that this DOES NOT happen.

Obviously, guns are about control. The military can certainly be about control—but also protection, and order, and rules, regulations, maybe war, maybe even death.

Let’s consider possible interpretations of this dream, corporately, personally and spiritually.


I know America has one of the strongest and largest militaries on the planet. But we have arrived at the point in human history where control can happen in many ways; it is not limited to guns. Can anyone say Corona?

COVID-19, Corona, the Rona, (that makes me laugh every time) … at this moment has definitely taken control, not only of America, but practically every corner of the world. It has changed the way we operate as a society, the way we engage—or not—drastically. Freedoms have been taken away, in the name of safety.

So, based on this dream, if it is, indeed, a message to us, what is the question we should be asking as a nation?

Are other nations plotting to take control over the U.S.? Is there a group within the U.S. that’s plotting to take over? On the surface, I had to ask myself these questions after having this dream.

Related Aside:

I am reminded of yet another ‘threatening’ dream; I had this one quite recently, on the morning of Sunday, April 26. I dreamed that 100 Russian ships were discovered in the Atlantic Ocean about 400 miles from America. When you consider that there are ~3700 miles across the Atlantic Ocean, 400 miles off the American coast is relatively close. Naturally, everyone was concerned that an attack was imminent.

As God is my witness, I am not making this up. Is this a warning?


Is there anything that has already taken over your life, such that you feel compelled to bow to its will, even though you don’t want to?

Are you in a struggle over decisions and direction for your life or are pondering the meaning of life and your part in it?

If the answer is “yes” to any of those questions, there are answers, and you can open the door to liberty. But first you need the key, which I believe can be found along The Way:

“Jesus explained: I am The Way, I am the Truth, and I am the Life. No one comes next to the Father except through union with Me … ”

—John 14:6 TPT

If anything, or anyone, is controlling you, and you know you need to be free, I dare you to get to know Jesus—more than you already do, wherever your knowledge of Him lies. It will be pivotal.


What should the Body of Christ ask as a result of this dream?

Is there something within humanity that has taken over us, such that we are not quite as effective as we should be? Are we winning souls for God’s Kingdom, or are we just ‘going to church’? Has complacency, fear or a lack of boldness taken control of our thoughts and actions?

Is my dream a warning that such can happen, that Christianity would be swallowed up in America by other beliefs and/or control over our lives—if we don’t rise up in the authority we have been given—to set the captives free, to comfort the broken hearted, and to “tell those who mourn that the time of the Lord’s favor has come” (Isaiah 61:2 NLT)?

Perhaps the ‘vehicles’ the Body of Christ has been using—to evangelize, to pray, to seek God—need an upgrade for swift, impactful change to occur in our lives, our nation and our world.

Despite the 2020 circumstance our global society finds itself in, here is a biblical tenet that I hope inspires you:

”For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers,neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

—Romans 8:38-39

What is your interpretation of my dream? Your thoughts on this blog? Please share!