… Nothing escapes God … time has come for judgment … hold fast you who follow His voice …

Listen to Psalm 82:3-4

“Vindicate the weak and the fatherless; do justice and maintain the rights of the afflicted and destitute. Rescue the weak and needy; rescue them from the hand of the wicked.”

Psalm 82:3-4 AMP









I say

Judgment from the Lord

From the Lord

It is coming

We walk around

As if the raging activities of this world

The atrocities

The evil committed

Will bear no consequence

Nothing could be further

From the truth

Pay attention to this word


Again I say


Nothing escapes God

Time has come for


Hold fast

You who follow His voice

He will instruct You

And hide you

In His wings

During the turmoil

And tumultuous times

To come


“Arise, O God, judge the earth! For to you belong all the nations.”

Psalm 82:8

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Is my dream about Americans being controlled by foreign soldiers with guns prophetic?

In the beginning of 2015, I had an unforgettable dream that has appeared in my thoughts of late. Just as He did with Daniel in the Bible, God does reveal, warn, encourage and speak to us through dreams. About a year ago, I began blogging about my dreams. As a watchman, I knew they were symbolic messages from God that I felt compelled to share.

I feel now is the time to share this particular dream and its possible interpretations, corporately, personally and spiritually.

The Dream

I was in America—but not the America we know today. Our country had been taken over by another, and we were under their military rule. I. Do. Not. Know. Which. Country. But I distinctly remember the soldiers were Asian, without a doubt.

Appearance wise, most of the soldiers were tall and thin with jet black hair and the typical Asian skin color, but darker rather than lighter. All wore uniforms, which were the usual military camouflage green. And they all had huge guns strapped around their bodies.

Anyone who wanted to go anywhere outside their home had to get permission from one of these soldiers. They were everywhere, seemingly.

In the dream, a female friend of mine and I needed to go somewhere. We approached a soldier. After a brief conversation about where we were going, he granted us permission.

Our mode of transportation was totally different. Imagine one of those log rides at an amusement park, like a wooden canoe sliding down a water slide, with seating for two or four, one behind another. Well, our ‘vehicles’ were shaped like those logs, but instead of wood, then were made of iron, low to the ground with seating for two. When we got in, electronically, a dome closed in around us and locked us in. I believe the soldier pushed a button, and we took off. The vehicles traveled on tracks, much like trains do today. But they were exceedingly fast.

An Interpretation

Is my dream about Americans being controlled by foreign soldiers with guns prophetic? I hope not. I’d love to believe it is a symbolic message of how we ought to pray so that this DOES NOT happen.

Obviously, guns are about control. The military can certainly be about control—but also protection, and order, and rules, regulations, maybe war, maybe even death.

Let’s consider possible interpretations of this dream, corporately, personally and spiritually.


I know America has one of the strongest and largest militaries on the planet. But we have arrived at the point in human history where control can happen in many ways; it is not limited to guns. Can anyone say Corona?

COVID-19, Corona, the Rona, (that makes me laugh every time) … at this moment has definitely taken control, not only of America, but practically every corner of the world. It has changed the way we operate as a society, the way we engage—or not—drastically. Freedoms have been taken away, in the name of safety.

So, based on this dream, if it is, indeed, a message to us, what is the question we should be asking as a nation?

Are other nations plotting to take control over the U.S.? Is there a group within the U.S. that’s plotting to take over? On the surface, I had to ask myself these questions after having this dream.

Related Aside:

I am reminded of yet another ‘threatening’ dream; I had this one quite recently, on the morning of Sunday, April 26. I dreamed that 100 Russian ships were discovered in the Atlantic Ocean about 400 miles from America. When you consider that there are ~3700 miles across the Atlantic Ocean, 400 miles off the American coast is relatively close. Naturally, everyone was concerned that an attack was imminent.

As God is my witness, I am not making this up. Is this a warning?


Is there anything that has already taken over your life, such that you feel compelled to bow to its will, even though you don’t want to?

Are you in a struggle over decisions and direction for your life or are pondering the meaning of life and your part in it?

If the answer is “yes” to any of those questions, there are answers, and you can open the door to liberty. But first you need the key, which I believe can be found along The Way:

“Jesus explained: I am The Way, I am the Truth, and I am the Life. No one comes next to the Father except through union with Me … ”

—John 14:6 TPT

If anything, or anyone, is controlling you, and you know you need to be free, I dare you to get to know Jesus—more than you already do, wherever your knowledge of Him lies. It will be pivotal.


What should the Body of Christ ask as a result of this dream?

Is there something within humanity that has taken over us, such that we are not quite as effective as we should be? Are we winning souls for God’s Kingdom, or are we just ‘going to church’? Has complacency, fear or a lack of boldness taken control of our thoughts and actions?

Is my dream a warning that such can happen, that Christianity would be swallowed up in America by other beliefs and/or control over our lives—if we don’t rise up in the authority we have been given—to set the captives free, to comfort the broken hearted, and to “tell those who mourn that the time of the Lord’s favor has come” (Isaiah 61:2 NLT)?

Perhaps the ‘vehicles’ the Body of Christ has been using—to evangelize, to pray, to seek God—need an upgrade for swift, impactful change to occur in our lives, our nation and our world.

Despite the 2020 circumstance our global society finds itself in, here is a biblical tenet that I hope inspires you:

”For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers,neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

—Romans 8:38-39

What is your interpretation of my dream? Your thoughts on this blog? Please share!

Listen: A Lion, A Girl & Oppression

” … all the people looked disheveled and/or sad, oppressed. So, I walked in and asked what happened to the place. No one gave me an answer …”

A Dream, A Prophetic Interpretation and a Word

The Dream

Scene 1 – Sudden Darkness

I was walking down a road near where I grew up in Tennessee. Except it was now a dirt road, with very light dirt. I was going to visit the area where I was raised. I don’t remember if in the dream my mom still lived there or not. As I was walking down the street, which is pretty barren on both sides for a long stretch—no homes, only corn fields, as it is in the country—all of a sudden there was a boom sound and everything went completely black, no lights anywhere. Before there were street lights and it was about dusk. After the blackout the only light was the moonlight. And that was really dim. It felt as if the entire geographical region of Tennessee and beyond, maybe the world, was suddenly dark. I speeded up walking to get to the neighborhood quicker, where I figured they were other people and I would be safe.

Scene 2 – A Lion and a Little Girl

No cars came by, but I did pass a few people walking briskly on the other side in the opposite direction. So this one lady passed by; we didn’t speak and then I noticed a little girl following her. The lady was walking very fast and seemed completely focused where she was going, not glancing over at me or even looking back to check on the child. I believe she was Caucasian or maybe Hispanic. I know her skin color was pretty light. After passing me, all of a sudden, the little girl turned back and started following me. I urged her to go and catch up with her mother. She tried to do so but her mother had gone so far and she really couldn’t see her. The next thing I know the little girl was stuck in the ditch and crying out for help. She was literally hanging on something by her dress, head downwards into the ditch. I started walking over to help her, and before I could reach the ditch, I noticed what looked like a lion slowly going down toward her. It seemed young but large enough to do damage to any human. I froze and was really scared. I turned back because I reasoned that both of us would be killed by the lion. So in fear I kept going. I heard the little girl scream, and then I didn’t hear her anymore. I felt extremely bad. I kept going in the direction of the community. At that point I realized that I had somehow veered off the actual road and was about to walk straight into a swamp. So I doubled back and got back on the road. I was worried that I had to go back in the direction of the lion, thinking surely, he would get me too. But he was nowhere in sight, so once I found the road I headed back toward the community, as fast as I could.

Scene 3 – Shantytown

When I got to where our subdivision used to be, the streets and homes that should have been there were not. Instead, it seemed to be a huge camp of people like a refugee camp of sorts, with just little small pockets or rooms, like a shantytown, set up like a maze, seemingly with no streets. Chaotic and full of people. It was very dark and depressing, and all the people looked disheveled and/or sad, oppressed. So, I walked in and asked what happened to the place. No one gave me an answer. Most of them looked rather unapproachable, and I was a bit afraid so just kept moving through the maze hoping that soon I would break free of this and find my old neighborhood as it was. I came to this one door, and as I passed I looked in and it was full of foreigners, maybe 20 people or so. They appeared to be Indian or of some Asian country, all fairly dark skinned but with straight black hair. A man who seemed to be a leader (I think he was American but not sure) made them line up and begin marching out of the room single file. They were all men and were all with such a sad countenance. I caught one’s eye and gave him a smile to encourage him. The next guy in line looked at me and said, “It’s bad. It’s really bad.” I responded, “Are they abusing you?” And he answered, “Yes.” Then I told him I would try to help. And then they kept going. I had to stop to let them pass by. I followed behind them into the next room, namely because there was nowhere else to go, and heard the leader asking the guy I had spoken to what I had said. The guy told him that I would try to help them. Then the leader was very angry, and he grabbed my hand to try to twist it to frighten me. I became bold and looked at him right in the eye, and I grabbed his hand to try to loosen it from mine and said something like, “I’m not afraid of you, let go of my hand. You’re not the boss of me.”

The Prophetic Interpretation of This Dream

Some of the children in this world are in grave danger. We, as adults, are allowing this danger. How? From neglect. Being so concerned with our own safety, our busyness, our schedules, our safety, that we’ve forgotten about the children. There are so many being abused. ‘Hanging by a thread’—and headed in the wrong direction, even the opposite one they should be going in. Once they realize they are in trouble, they cry for help, but in fear, or disinterest, many ignore their cries. And so the ‘lions’ of this world—sex traffickers, abusers, pedophiles, child soldier ‘recruiters,’ kidnappers and other evildoers—easily devour them. They become ‘out of sight, out of mind’ and I would add, ‘out of hearing range, out of thought.’ We sympathize with their issues, but how often, do we actually do anything about them?

There are also adults being abused and oppressed around the world. No one can deny this truth. There were people of all kinds of nationalities in that ‘shantytown.’ Oppression is an international issue. Many nations are in turmoil as a result. God is shaking things up, majorly. He is showing us these things in our dreams for a reason.

A Word

Now, more than ever, it is imperative that we pray! It is also necessary for us to get involved in standing up for children, rather, to their abusers. The children cannot do it themselves. The enemy is behind all evil, which is why, when we decide to fight him, it’s important that we wield a sword of great power: the word of God. Praying the word of God is powerful. And prayer changes things. This is a call to warfare prayer. And for those who are able, a call to action. For the children. And for those who are oppressed. Let’s press in to God, actually listen to Him, get insight on how we are to pray, and what we are to do.