India – Angels Among Us

“Like the heroes of old, you are also heroes of the faith.”

Have you ever …

… seen the countenance of a person’s face go from very sad to happy and glowing after you spoke with them?

… heard a person who sold drugs on the streets say he’s ready to give it up and surrender his life to God because of what he heard you say?

… experienced a miracle of physical healing after you prayed for someone?

Since 2005, I’ve been privileged to experience these things and much more on the international mission field.

A Glimpse From India

Before singing Hillsong’s version of the song “None But Jesus” at the Pastor’s and Leader’s Conference we hosted in India, I read the scripture passage in Hebrews 11:33-34 over their lives:

“Like the heroes of old, you are also heroes of the faith.”

Although their numbers currently represent a minority in their nation, these men and women are operating boldly in their faith as disciples of Christ, even risking persecution. I encouraged them to stand firm and know that regardless of their circumstances, nothing is impossible for God.

After singing, Pastor Rao of Faith India Ministries said that while I was singing, he could see angels dancing and singing with me! I was overjoyed because I had literally prayed for the presence of angels during that conference session before we began. What an honor and privilege. Pastor Rao told us that he was really encouraged, and many expressed that they were really blessed by the song … not nearly as much as the whole experience blessed me.

I Plant. You Water. God Grows.

I‘m honored to serve on the international mission field with CrossPoint Ministries. You, too, can go make an impact on lives around the world for God’s glory. Or you can help water what I plant by supporting my next missions adventure. Explore global missions trips, local Selah inner healing retreats, and more at


2 thoughts on “India – Angels Among Us

  1. This is what it’s all about loving GOD loving others and making a difference. Vanessa in living out her purpose is walking worship. The eveidence is here, it’s all about HIS Love!💕💕💕

    Thank you Lady V!


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